A Heart to Give

Early Childhood Center  

                            "Preparing our Future for the Future"


A Heart to Give Foundation is in the process of buying a building to open an early Childhood Center that will offer an after-school Program and Summer Camp to provide children nutritious meals, reading time, arts and crafts, field trips and teaching entrepreneurship. We want our kids to believe and achieve it. We are currently in negotiation of  buying a building and in need of help with the closing cost, also to purchase 3 white mini vans. We need your help to make our mission successful. 

We keep the kids moving by giving them plenty of opportunities to move. Learning takes place by exploring, moving and doing! We present lessons in all our center activity areas and not always sitting down.

We incorporate open play into our curriculum to give children the additional time explore, make friends, be social and to pursue interests independently. 

We focus on letters, numbers, colors and shapes. Before children can become successful in reading and writing, a foundation must be established. Our program develops the skills needed to encourage a life long interest in reading and writing.


"Preparing our future for the future" A Heart to Give Foundation, Inc. is committed to being a source of support to economically disadvantaged children by providing free healthy meals during the summer months and After-School. Our organization exists to end childhood hunger. We believe that everyone can work together to create a world where no child goes to bed hungry. When friends like you partner with us, we can meet the urgent physical needs of children by providing food, taking action in communities worldwide. .


A Heart to Give  will enable each child served with the ability to serve someone else in need.